Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

Hey! My name is Lexie and I blog over at Alexandra Interiors. I’m thrilled to be guest posting today and adore the ladies at Mindy Mae's. Aren't the jewels, clothing, accessories, and so much more so divine?!

Today, I want to share with you my all time favorite accessories to use in a room. Whether it's your bedroom, office, living room, or dining room, there is always a place for a fabulous mirror. When choosing a mirror, I try to keep 3 simple tips in mind:

1. Focal point- your mirror is a statement piece! Don't think of it as just "something to fill up space." It can do so much more! They are a great way to bring character and charm into a room, without breaking the bank.

2. Don't be scared to go too big- DO use large mirrors in small rooms. Larger mirrors give the illusion of depth and make your space appear larger. By adding a mirror, you extend your line of sight and visually "slim" down what may be a bulky wall/space.

3. Reflection- position your mirror so that it reflects a pleasant view. If you have a piece of beloved art in your home, consider hanging your mirror across from it where it’ll reflect and give it even more importance. The best part? You DON'T have to break the bank for a statement mirror!

The 4 styles below are all under $100!

For more design ideas, be sure to check out Alexandra Interiors
Thanks for reading and a HUGE thank you to the gals at Mindy Mae's for letting me guest post!


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