Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spend or Save

Hey babes! I read and take to heart every.single.comment.  
We take feedback seriously - good or bad. We are listening, and we do hear you. So, here's where I'm at::
Something we've been hearing a lot at MMM is, "you guys are too expensive now",  "love it, hate the price", "why is everything so expensive?".. the list goes on (unfortunately). 
I wanted to address some of these comments and let you know about our plan to fix the "problem".
When we started selling clothing on MMM I always thought it would be amazing to sell a wide variety, you know, like Nordstrom (big dreams, baby). I wanted to offer the boutique items, name brands, and prices from all across the board.  When we finally reached a level to where the name brands were saying, "yes!" I was ecstatic, I thought, "they're going to LOVE this!"  But, the more I get feedback the more I'm realizing that what we were doing is what you wanted.  Unique, quality pieces at affordable prices - the stuff you couldn't find anywhere else.
So, we are getting back to our roots - starting with our NEW MMM Collection.  The pieces are our favorite yet, and the prices (we think/hope) will be your favorite!
Our HUGE Sale (August 1-3) will have markdowns on ALL of our items.
New pieces will start launching August 15th at our previously popular prices.
Because, why spend more when you can spend less?!  You work hard for your money and we want you to keep as much of it as possible, while looking uh-mazing ;)
In the meantime, let's shop some shoes! (cause that always makes me feel better)
In the spirit of "too expensive" here is a roundup of some of my favorite shoes as spend & save.
Red Heels:
Spend   |   1. Save   |   2. Save   |   3. Save
Leopard Flats:
Spend   |   4. Save   |   5. Save   |   6. Save
Perforated Booties:
Spend   |   7. Save   |   8. Save
Red Sneakers:
Spend   |   9. Save   |   10. Save
Spend   |   11. Save   |   12. Save
Striped Flats:
Spend   |   13. Save   |   14. Save   |   15. Save
xoxo, Courtney

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Shopping

This week we were the Guest Editor over on Brickyard Buffalo! Know what that means? All of our favorite shops were contacted and the ones that could put their items up to be featured on Brickyard Buffalo at a discount!
Favorite Items + Discount = YAASSS!! 
Some of our favorites included:
Lulu & Georgia
Sage & Harper
Bright Lab Light
The Shine Project
Plum Street Prints
Tnees Tpees
Snug As A Bug Clothes
Bad Seed Studio
Piper Finn Footwear
Corie Clark
We are so honored to have been chosen as a Guest Editor, we had so much fun! 
We tried hard to include the shops we use, wear, and love on a daily basis.  
Do yourself a favor and get some Saturday Shopping in!
This photo featuring Sage & Harper, Plum Street Prints, & Moonage 
This photo featuring The Shine Project, Bad Seed Studio, & Moonage
 This photo featuring Corie Clark, The Shine Project, & Bright Lab
This photo featuring Bright Lab & Plum Street Prints

(holy HUGE sneak peek! that top is coming July 18th as a part of our NEW & EXCLUSIVE Mindy Mae's Market collection! (yay yay yay!!) 
Be sure to enter to win $200 toward the new collection HERE)
and, of course we love our Tnees Tpees
I love sharing the shops we have found & love.  We've been lucky enough to build friendships with many of these shops and we love seeing others fall in love with them too! 
xoxo, Courtney