Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Holy Chic

Happy Monday Lovebugs! For those of you would don’t know me, I am Lindsay from SequinsandStyle.com. I am very excited to be guest posting again, on MMM Blog. I just adore jewels, who doesn’t. While the crystal dot bracelet and necklace are not new, I still adore them just the same. They truly are the perfect accessories for every season and transition from season to season flawlessly. Mindy Mae’s Market has many different colours to choose from, including clear and black which are a fabulous combination for fall! Like I stated in another post, these bracelets are also the perfect staple pieces for creating the ideal arm stack.

As for the Crystal Dot Necklace, this is the perfect layering statement necklace as well as wearing alone. Graphic tees are my new favorite thing to wear for the summer. Since I live in the dessert, it gets very hot. So, pairing this chic necklace with a graphic tee adds just the right amount of sparkle without over doing it. How many different coloured crystal dot bracelets do you have? Which one is your favorite colour?

Thanks for reading.. have a fabulous day! 

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