Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hello again ladies! It's Leslie from elleteethatsme
 What girl doesn't love a good bag? Big, teensy, solid, patterned, sparkly, I think we can all agree they're a fetish! I love this glitzy sequin clutch from Mindy Mae's, it has so many possibilities. I can always stash a few essentials such as my Chanel Chance Perfume, my favorite Chapstick by the one and only Lip Smacker or my must have oil blotting sheets ( I DO NOT leave home without these) or it's perfect for holding even more sparkly pretties such as these both from Mindy Mae's and one of my favorite Essie polishes, Beyond Cozy. If not storing your necessities from home you can stash what you need while out and about while still staying snazzy! What's even better is it has a leopard print lining plus a smaller storage pocket inside, sequins AND leopard? It doesn't get any better :) 

Thank you again for having me Mindy Mae's! - elleteethatsme 

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