Thursday, February 20, 2014

Falling for Floral

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Happy Thursday All!
This is Jessica from White Stag Boulevard!
I am so excited to be sharing my outfit planning with you today. Yes, I said outfit planning, because as every fashionista knows, now is the time to be planning our spring attire! It may be a little chilly outside, in fact, as I sit and write about floral, I am watching snowflakes the size of quarters fall outside my window. Irony… But bank accounts favor the prepared. All of the spring and summer deals are available now, you only need to know where to find them! My favorite places to start looking… ONLINE.
Now, a lot of people love the shopping experience, me included. However, I have to say that the brick and mortar store is usually no longer the place to find your best buys. All budget savvy style icons are turning to online stores, or the online option even for their local faves. It is true that most brick and mortar stores have a clearance section, but often times they are picked over, and out of season. If you turn to the store’s website, however, you will usually find a lot more selection, at even lower prices. Also, it is simple to open a new window on your computer and Google coupon codes! As for stores and brands only available online? Often times you will get a better price, because there is less over head for the company, cutting their costs, and thereby cutting yours. Especially if you are not set on a particular brand, you can often times find comparable items for less. For example, the beautiful blue dress pictured above is from TOPSHOP, and quotes in at $80. My original post included a dress from Sakes that looked completely identical, but cost over $200. Also, this fabulous Kate Spade Bag is one that I found on Piperlime. Now even though it is listed at the same price as on the Kate Spade site, Piperlime has a lot more online deals available, coupon codes, and I can also use my GAP bucks towards a purchase. (Which I seam to accumulate a lot of for some reason)
Now, it is true that often times websites will get you with the cost of shipping, but I have found that more often than not, if you look for online promo codes, you can get free shipping on most of your purchases, (or even if you just spend over a certain amount!)
It’s always good to weigh the pro’s and con’s, but I am a firm believer that planning your wardrobe a season ahead will save you money in the long run, prevent impulse buys of things you really don’t end up loving, and also ensure that your outfit and style stays unique. Take these beautiful floral pumps from Mindy Mae’s; they are so unique and are an amazing deal. They perfect accessory to lighten your steps through the spring and summer season!
Happy Styling


  1. Thanks, Jessica, for the wonderful styling and shopping tips!

  2. Thanks, Jessica, for the styling and shopping tips!

  3. I can't resist florals! Those shoes are amazing! Absolutely love this outfit!

  4. I can't resist florals! Those shoes are amazing! Absolutely love this outfit!

  5. Fabulous outfit! I love the sunglasses!


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