Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's Face It...

Let’s start the year of beauty off right and talk about the face! I know if we all had the money we would be paying for the top of the line skin care products, but that is just not reality. If it is for you… I wish I was you. I put together a list of my favorite products and the routine that I use daily to help combat my skin problems and hope that maybe this will give ideas for you on where to start with yours. Some are from the grocery store and some from the departments store but all work great. 

I know that I abused my face in my 20’s and am now starting off my 30’s wishing I would have been smarter. Don’t forget your skin care ladies. So important. If I had a do-over I would. Start a routine. Promise yourself you will wash your face every night or use a toner every day. Do one step at a time if changing up your whole routine is too much.

My next word of wisdom is LISTEN TO YOUR SKIN. If you are using something and your face freaks out, stop using it. Don’t force yourself to keep using things that are just beating your face up because you think you need to. You might have to switch up brands in order to keep a calm face. (This is what I do!)

I do think it’s important for everyone to consider using the following routine. 
Just get in the habit of taking care of your skin:

1. Eye makeup remover: I have never found a face wash that will completely take your eye makeup off. Never…. If you know of one, please let me know.

2. Face wash: you will soon find out how cheap good ones can be.

3. Scrub: This only needs to be done once or twice a week and will refresh your skin and remove all the old stuff you don’t need anymore.

4. Toner: A lot of people ask “Do I really need a toner?” and the answer is yes. A toner consists of moisturizers, oils and extracts that help soothe your skin. This is different than an astringent. An astringent is usually alcohol based and is used to remove oil and tighten up skin. Look for toners that don’t have alcohol and have elements that sooth your skin.

5. Moisturizer: Yes, use this. Even if you feel like you have oily skin, there are moisturizers that will combat these types of issues.

This list doesn’t include things like eye creams, spot treatments, daily sunscreen… everyone is different and we will leave all that fun stuff for a later post!

So let’s get to the good stuff.

xoxo, Mindy

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