Friday, January 17, 2014


Hey Ladies!!

I’m so excited to be guest posting! My name is Kallie from Forever Dolled Up.  
I love this simple outfit I have on. Over here in Utah it’s been freezing lately. When it’s snowing and I don’t feel like doing my hair, I throw on my beanie! This dream catcher shirt from Mindy Mae’s Market is to die for!! The material is extremely comfy and you will never want to take it off! One of my favorite things to find is a shirt that literally will go with anything, this is that shirt ladies!! Also the other fun thing about it is that, if you wanted, you could easily dress it up in a second! I added my plaid button-up to add a little color and, as you can see, I have my cute fur snow boots on! I wanted to throw something in the outfit a little different. This is one of my fast, favorite, go-to outfits! 
Happy Friday everyone!!

 Plaid button up: Forever 21 similar  Dream Catcher Tee: Mindy Mae's Market
Leggings: Target similar  Boots: Costco similar

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