Monday, July 1, 2013

fun in lake powell.

it's not every year you get to spend your birthday in Lake Powell.
here is some of the fun we had...

I feel like we {style authors} haven't introduced ourselves in a while, so here goes..
Most of you know me, Courtney, co-owner of Mindy Mae's.
I'm married to that handsome fella up there ^. His name is Adam, and he is awesome.
That gal up there ^, that's Catie, and she's my best friend.
She is married to that other handsome fella, Chris.
Catie and I met when we were about four, in Mini Cheerleading, and were instantly best friends.
21 years later, and she's still the Mac to my Cheese.
{i love macaroni and cheese}

{style posts from LP to come!}

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