Wednesday, June 26, 2013


we've been in puberty.
that awkward phase where you aren't quite little anymore, but you're not big either...
we have pimples, weird things happening, we're emotional, it's a mess.
but we've figured it out.
and we couldn't be more excited to share our experience with you!

when we first started, this was a whole different ball of wax.
something didn't feel right. so, changes were made.
changes worked.  we were growing!
in March of 2012, we started selling on deal sites. 
that's where we realized, things were going to change, again.
in September of 2012 we hit 4,000 followers.
we were stoked {like being asked to our first dance stoked}
after finding the deal sites, we started following the crowd.
luckily, it's worked out. but we never felt like ourselves.
we were self conscience, awkward, and felt like a duplicate of others.
{like, we weren't different or special enough to catch ourselves a man}
we wanted more, but were too scared.
but we're ready to break away from that crowd and be ourselves!

you may have seen this skirt posted yesterday...

this is Courtney's baby.  she had dreams about it. drew it up. had it made.
when it came, she hugged it. {awkward}
she loves black and white, she loves stripes, and duh, a bow. and the pockets, oh the pockets!

we launched it to you guys... you went wild.
{dramatic pause}
that is where we realized we should have been ourselves from the beginning.
it wasn't scary at all, it was amazing.

needless to say, you'll be seeing more Designs from MMM for MMM.
we hope to turn our shop into the ONE place you can receive items designed by our staff.

with these changes still comes some level of scariness.
what if someone makes a knock-off, or a duplicate, or something wildly similar?
{courtney will cry}{maybe}
but, this is where we could use your help! 
if you love us, tag us! let us know! 
you will receive $10 towards the store for letting us know about someone 
using our photos or designs.
{stick up for us like a best friend should!}

we may be jumping the gun in thinking someone would want to copy us.
who's to say we're even "popular" enough for that?
 i hope we're right, i hope no one wants to be like us. :)

until we can fully make this transition, you will still see some of the ever popular boutique items in the store, as well as some crazy awesome sales to blow them out!
bye-bye past, hello future!
{class of 2013!}



  1. the skirt is beautiful! it was refreshing to see something on my news feed that was different, and interesting, and beautiful! very classy :) keep it up!

  2. You go girl! Not even surprised, so very proud of you!


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