Thursday, March 15, 2012

Words & Numbers

You know all those scrabble pieces and dominoes you have.. but never use because you don't ever have the time to sit down and play?  Get some use out of them with today's item!

(dominoes not included)

Look how awesome these creations are:

Source Not Available

They are so super simple to create and way adorable!
You can paint your domino to add a little more pizazz or leave it original!
Pick your favorite letter, maybe your inital, or the inital of someone special and create a memorable piece. Oh... is Mother's day coming up.. how convenient!


  1. Love this idea. Where do I find this item??

  2. Thanks Susan! We actually sold out of them..but have thought about bringing them back!

  3. These are so cool, I love unique jewelry and accessories that make an outfit really pop :)


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