Thursday, March 8, 2012

Craft Night!

Craft Night!
Saturday, March 24th
Farmington, Utah
6 pm - Until We're Done!
We will have treats and supplies for you to create the following:
Birds Nest Necklaces


Lace Ribbon Headband


Button Bouquet

Create one, two, or all three!  It's totally your call.
You will only pay for the items you use!
If you've already purchased the items necessary, bring them along!
It'll be a great time to meet new friends, eat some treats, make a mess & not have to clean up! {yay!}

Don't want to create any of the above? That's cool.
Bring an idea that you do want to create and hang out anyway!
We'll have supplies for other projects as well!

If you're planning on coming - let us know!

Hope to See You There! xoxo

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