Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nothing But Soap & 2 Charming COMING YOUR WAY!!!

As a mom-to-four I often think about the way I clean my house (IF I can get that far!) and if I could do it better. questions (along with yours?) will soon be anwered! 100% and Vegan laundry soap, carpet deoderizers, dish detergents and MORE are coming our way at MMM!  Nothing but Soap is JUST THAT. Nothing BUT soap. No fillers, no chemicals, no colors. Soap.

Maybe she can help me get my laundry done, too.

 Two incredibly amazing women provide us with the have-to-have charms of 2 Charming. They are back- by YOUR demand!
 I can't wait to see the new designs, ideas and combinations they have dreamed up for us!
From simple to spectacular...I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. {eeeeh!}

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