Sunday, October 3, 2010

EL.OH.V.EE...What's that spell??? WANT!!!!

When I was in college (24 credit hours, just sayin') I took a second job at Kinkos right off of the U of U campus.  I didnt need the money.  I simply took it because I was interested in learning all the COOL things you could create in the walls of that cozy copy shop. {it didn't hurt that the OTHER guy behind the counter had gorgeous blue eyes!} It sounds to me that Courtney,'s owner, is a gal after my own heart. 

She is trying out and dabbling in a plethora of things- 
WIN, WIN for us! 

A grocery list that Courtney sells.
"I make things that I enjoy and hope that others will like them as well, " say Courtney in her application. 

She also keeps an updated blog of her recent creations:  

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