Thursday, September 9, 2010

Attention Vendors & Prospective Vendors....

My fellow crafters:
My BS degree is Economics. I pride myself on understanding the difference between opportunity cost and cost/benefit analysis. ;) BECAUSE I understand these concepts and BECAUSE I truly have a desire to develop a feeling of community- I want to offer additional incentives to you to come and to CONTINUE to come to Mindy Mae's Market. The better vendors we have, the more desirable will be our show; the more desirable our show, the more people will come. The more people that come- the more YOUR individual business grows, too! 
Funny things: During the Great Depression, business that continued to operate as if nothing was happening (developing products, producing products and ADVERTISING products) did better than those that did not.  There are many companies today that we still buy from because they continued to lift people's spirits by offering the "normal" products that the general public had become accustomed to. Second thing, do you know what ONE particular item's sales skyrocketed?  Lipstick. Yep.  Something simple, something inexpensive and something that made the wearer feel beautiful. Women couldn't always justify a new wardrobe but they could convince their husbands of the small amount spent on something so important to their mental well being.

So- I want you to continue to produce and to advertise and I will do everything in my power to help you do so.  Let's bring products that will lift spirits, that will inspire, that will allow for that spirit of community and sharing.  

For those of you that apply for and are accepted for all 4 shows, I will deduct 1/2 of your entrance fee for December.

For those of you who are interested in applying but that the upfront cost is deterring you from getting your business to the show. Contact me. The entrance fee is what I use to cover advertising costs- I can't say that I don't need it or use it for your benefit, but there are arrangements we can make. We would love to share your trades and talents!

Cottage industry is at the root of our posterity- armed with our Crickets, our computer-aided sewing machines and the internet- we can make it better than ever!

Most sincerely and warmly,

Nikki Weekes

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