Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All the Pretty Boy Faces...Hanging in the Pickle Face Place{s}!!!!

All you mothers of sons know how hard it is to find cute boy stuff amidst the ocean of pink, ruffles and all-around floof! Hence the birth of PickleFace Place! Ties for your little guys that truly address all your needs.

1-THOUGHTFUL DESIGN--Adjustable Velcro closure! No clip-ons that droop, break, or fall off easily; no elastic that stretches out; and no zippers that break as your little man (incessantly) zip, zip, zips! Each knot is tied perfectly for a tight, clean, crisp look that you don't ever have to retie!

2-MAJOR STYLE--Because we use designer cotton fabrics, the style possibilities are endless--not to mention FUN! We’re always on the lookout for great new fabrics that will keep your boys looking dapper through all seasons and holidays!

3-EASY CARE--All our ties are washable. Go ahead and read that again...yep...WASHABLE!!!! Because: boys + dirt = enough said.

4-HIGHER STANDARD--Five different sizes to fit his growing needs!

5-FLEXIBLE CUSTOM--Wedding parties, bow ties, adult sizes, and full (non-velcro) ties are not off-limits here, and if you have a favorite fabric you want made into a tie, we can do that too!

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