Friday, March 4, 2016

Ways to Wear It: Chambray Shirt

Chambray is a beautiful thing, especially our chambray. We are LOVING our Santa Cruz top. Why? Well, because it is so versatile, comfortable, classic and trendy. When you can get classic and trendy out of one piece, you know you've hit a home run. Want to look like a million bucks? Snag yourself a lovely chambray Santa Cruz. Here are our top 10 ways on how to style it like the fashionista that you are:
Wear it with distressed denim. You'll look bomb.
top | jeans | heels | hat
Take it for a spin with some black shorts. It's simple & fun.
top | shorts
Style it with our Old Orchard skirt. Woah, just woah.
top | skirt
We love the denim on denim look. It's a must.
top | shorts | heels
Wear your chambray top with a neutral skirt. Embrace your inner boho.
top | skirt (similar)
We love a good straw fedora + Santa Cruz combo. #hearteyes
top | heels | hat | purse
Spice up your look with some printed shorts. A perfect spring look.
top | shorts (similar)
We love a little layering. Who doesn't?
top | sweater | necklace (similar)
Have we mentioned that we're pattern obsessed? Yeah, thought so.
top | pants (similar) | purse | necklace
This top + stripes is heaven. It's simply heaven.
top | skirt | sneakers
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