Friday, July 4, 2014

arm stack

Hey dolls… its Lindsay from SequinsandStyle again! Everyone always complements my arm stacks. So today, I am excited to share with you how I create the perfect arm stack. I love the less is more approach when it comes to creating stacks. I always love to stick with anywhere from 2 to 5 pieces at the most. I also always mix thicker pieces with thinner ones, as this adds interest and allows you to wear more.
Creating the perfect arm stack also depends on the other accessories that your are wearing and, of course, your overall outfit. If I have a bright bold print or I’m mixing prints I tend to keep it very minimal at about 2-3 pieces. However, if I am wearing solid colours or a less busy print I like to wear a few more. I also love mixing metals. It’s fun and interesting to wear gold and silver at the same time.
Another golden rule I like to stick with is to always wear stones and beaded bracelets within the same colour palette. This is a similar rule you would use if you were mixing prints – but that’s an entire different story!
One of my all time favorite bracelets to stack is the clear Crystal Dot Bracelet and it also comes in many fun colours – like mint and pink! The Linley is a stunning bracelet if you want to play with something a little thicker. Another favorite of mine is the XOXO bracelet! I feel that if you have these three bracelets, you can create any amazing arm stack! These pieces are also classic and transition well from season to season, so you can stack them for many seasons to come. What are your favorite staple arm stacking bracelets?
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Below are more photos of previous arm parties that I have created!
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  1. Great post, I always have an issue creating the perfect stack when it comes to bracelets. Really love the necklaces as well!


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