Monday, June 16, 2014

Sorry I'm Late

Hey there MMM readers! I'm Lo from Love, Lo. A blog about fashion, life and things and stuff and ish. 

Currently my life is a juggling game between planning a wedding(eeeek!), working, blogging, and finding time for a personal life. So I am super grateful for clothing that will do the apologizing for me when I run just a bit late. Ok, or a lot late. Most days I am required to be here there and everywhere. Sometimes two places at once. And sorry but I'm not super woman you guys! I figure though if I am running late then I may as well just put it right out there. It's like when something awkward happens and it's just way less awkward when you point it out. Also, if I am going to be late then I think it helps to look good. This adorable bow necklace helps me do just that! The perfect combo! It definitely helps me say.. "Sorry I'm Late…but at least I look cute!" without having to actually say a word.

 t-shirt: Mindy Mae's Market
shorts:GAP  shoes: GAP (similar)

It was so fun guest posting here on MMM this lovely Monday. If you have any tips on how to be more organized and less late, come visit me at my BLOG and follow along with my crazy life on INSTAGRAM!! Have a good week!


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