Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

Hey Dolls! This is Krissy from the fashion, beauty and wellness blog krissycoco ! I am super excited to guest post on Mindy Mae's Market and have the chance to style this fabulous Ice Drops Necklace! So, let's just get this out of the way before I begin....I'm totally obsessed with this necklace! It's in my top favorite things along side sugar cookie, George Clooney and Newport Beach. So now that I have that out of the way, we can talk about all the fun ways to wear it, because there is a lot!  Honestly, I think the reason I love this necklace so much is it literally the perfect staple statement necklace for any outfit. I seriously can't think of anything you couldn't wear this necklace with. Today I paired it with a fun striped dress and some heels to cruise around town and do some shopping and pick up some spring flowers. I also took this baby with me to Vegas over the weekend and wore it with my favorite boyfriend jeans, a tee and some wedges. That night we went out on the town and once again it transitioned and looked perfect with my fancy black dress and Jimmy Choos (the ones I stole from my mom's closet) shhh our secret! Anyways, my point is this is the perfect piece of jewelry to wear all the time and that is something I love about it.  When I buy something I don't want to just wear it once...I want to be able to transition and transform the item through the season and trends and that's exactly what this necklace does.  So, check out some of my other fashion, style and beauty obsessions over at

Hope you all have a dazzling day! xoxo

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