Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Glitter & Tulle

Blouse: Banana Republic (sold out, similar HERE) | Skirt: Boohoo | Necklace: Mindy Mae’s Market | Shoes: SD | Purse: Banana Republic | Sun Glasses: Nordstrom | Watch & Bracelets: CC | Rings: Asos  

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
It’s Jess from White Stag Boulevard here, and I am so excited to share with you my styling of the Crystal Beauty Cluster Necklace!
Today I am announcing a major trend alert for spring… Tulle skirts are back! We saw a sprinkling of them last year, but for those of you who tried to find one to add to your wardrobe, you may have noticed that they were somewhat difficult to find, especially with the right length. Well, because of their spike in popularity last year, they are making a strong come back, and will be more available for your purchasing needs. This particular beauty if from Asos, and I purchased it and a black version as well, for only $35 a piece, talk about a deal! I paired it with a bold blue blouse, mainly to complement these fabulous red shoes! Shoes are so much fun, more often than not, I style my outfit around my shoes… Which, lucky for me, the beautiful Crystal Cluster Necklace finished off the outfit perfectly! Every tutu needs a little sparkle!
Happy Styling

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  1. Cute skirt and love the overall outfit!xoxo



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