Thursday, December 26, 2013

Meet Our New Contributors!

We are so beyond excited to announce that we will now have 8 amazing blog contributors. These girls are so awesome and they each have a unique style and point of view. We just can't wait for you to fall in love with them the way we have. These lovely ladies will be posting all about fashion, beauty, home decorating, and more. 
We will be introducing them over the next couple of days and we can't wait for their posts to begin!

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Follow Liz's blog Sprinkles & Sequins and her Instagram @lizc_88

Hey! I'm Liz, a 20 something Dietitian/Blogger. I think I would most describe my style as girly edgy- or edgy with a girly twist (or just girly, as my brother would say). I love sequins and sparkle but I also love leather and dark colors. I'm usually not one for trends, but when I see something I love I go for it! Being from the North East, I look for staple items that can be worn across seasons. 
Sales are my thing! Rarely do I ever pay full price for anything... I am addicted to online shopping- the UPS man is my best friend ;)  I believe that accessories can make an outfit and dressing up and experimenting with different clothing options is so much fun!

Follow Lexie's blog Alexandra Interiors and her Instagram @lsnow131

Hi! My name is Lexie and I blog over at Alexandra Interiors. I am a full time interior design student, wife, and an avid lover of arabian horses. I blog about all things interior design, ways to personalize your space and my personal style. I am so excited to be guest posting on Mindy Mae's! I hope I can give you a little piece of inspiration for your own pretty spaces. 

Follow Jessica's blog White Stag Blvd. and her Instagram @whitestagfashion

Hello there! My name is Jessica, and I am a 23 year old fashion blogger, living in the beautiful city of Draper, Utah. I am a Barre Fitness Instructor, Nail Design Specialist, and best of all, Mommy to my darling three year old daughter, Kayden Lily... Oh, and did I mention wife to the craziest entrepreneur there is?! I blog about life, but my focus is always on what I am wearing while living it! Fashion is my passion, (as cliché as it sounds) As far as my style goes? Well, it depends on the day! I do always keep one quote in mind while picking out my look... "Simple elegance is something to strive for." - Foot Loose. So as simple as I "strive" to keep it, I like to maintain an open mind, and experiment with new things to create the over all vibe I am going for. Fashion is the way I communicate, and I always want to be sending a fabulous message!

Follow Mindy's blog The Silver Notes and her Instagram @thesilvernotes

Hi there I'm Mindy! I write for a little blog called The Silver Notes. I am a 30 year old student… yes, you read that correctly. I’m still in school and one semester away from becoming a nurse. I worked for years and years in salons, as a receptionist at first and then managing. I never went to school for hair, but fell in love with makeup. I am a licensed makeup artist and do jobs here and there on the side when I am not writing papers or studying for tests.
While working in the salon industry was fun, I always wanted to go to school to be a nurse. My first semester back to school I met an Italian Stallion and we pretty much were glued at the hip. Two years later a baby stallion came into the picture and also a wedding. I really couldn’t be luckier to have found my other half and have such a cute little squirt. These two are what keep me going.
After being in gross blah scrubs though school I started to really miss the fashion, makeup and hair aspect of the salon. I decided to start a simple blog for us moms out there with ideas and tricks. Believe me, I’m not a professional blogger nor do I think I am a model by any means. I do, however, think that when you feel good about yourself and how you look you are happier and it gives you a little spark. That is why I am so happy to contribute to this blog. I live on a budget and want to find the cutest things for the best deals. I hope to help those around me with fun makeup, hair and outfit ideas that are realistic. My goal is to be real and honest when it comes to blogging because let’s face it, who can afford a closet full of strictly designer clothes? I thing reality for most is not that. You can look amazing and still have it be affordable. With that being said, I’m ready to have some fun and get down to business! 

So, there you go! 4 of our 8 contributors.  
Stay tuned for more introductions and some of our favorite looks they've posted in 2013!



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