Tuesday, April 23, 2013

breathe. love.

while we aren't currently offering this top 
{currently, being the key word, cause they're coming!}
i had to share this look with you guys. i LOVE the message it sends.

purse: Michael Kors (sold out, loving this) arm candy: Mindy Mae's Market 
shoes: Roxy jeans: Buckle



  1. Love the shirt! I work with cystic fibrosis patients and so the message is especially strong. They struggle to breathe every minute of every day. As long as they can keep breathing, they can keep loving. So many people take advantage of that. This is a nice reminder of how precious life is. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks! :) life is too precious to spend it in negativity and that's easy to forget! xo

  2. Love this! Such a great reminder, especially in light of recent events around the world: Boston, Texas, China, etc.


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