Monday, February 4, 2013

things are a changin'

change is scary.. but this change is scary exciting! 

We have decided to take a huge leap into independence!
What does that mean to you?  A couple of things..

1.  we need your help!
2.  better deals, directly from us!
3.  more items/variety from us!
4.  we need your help!


So, here is what's going down...
1.  we are going to pull back our features on deal sites.
2.  we are going to be offering 2-day awesome sales on our items.
3.  we are going to be discounting our items the extra % we used to split with deal sites.
{that means the savings are transferred to you, instead of being shared w/the deal site}
4.   we need your help in sharing our deals, so that we can continue to offer awesome deals!

we are WAY excited about passing these savings on to you!
but we NEED your help in sharing our deals so that we can keep it up!

we really love you guys.  we love what we do.  we love the opportunity the deal sites have provided in growing our business. and we love the opportunity we have to go out on our own!
{when i say "on our own" it doesn't mean we are literally "on our own" 
because we totally need each and every one of you!}



  1. Congrats! I'm happy to post, paste, tweet, comment, etc....whatever helps. :-)

  2. Congratulations on your new endeavor! You will be a STAR!!

  3. Congrats! I know you will do great!

  4. CONGRATS! I will also help in any way I can: post your button on my blog, tweet, comment, FB, Google+, anything at all!


Thanks for participating, we welcome your sugar but you can keep the spice! ;)