Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raccin' it in!

Too much of a good thing.. is a GREAT thing!
We are lovin' this large ric-rac and all the adorable things that can be done with it!
I personally took the easy route and tied it in a bow on our "H" monogram that is on my shelf..
but it's way cute! I sorta love it...

We have {four} adorable colors ready and waiting for you to decorate your home with!

For some inspiration:

Source Not Available

Source Not Available

Source Not Available

So many adorable things.. I can't even stand it!  I'm hoping to get some time to do some of these ideas!
...Wouldn't that be nice?...

Maybe.. you guys could buy the ric-rac, do the crafts and then just share pictures with me?! :) 
Then I can say I had something to do with it! {haha} the girl a favor and head on over to!


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