Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Powerful Stuff with Painting Gray.....

Kindred Spirit. The term brings back memories of Anne of Green Gable watching. I loved those books AND the movies...but even more I LOVED the idea of kindred spirits- you know.  Friends that are friends beyond what we know now- friends that have a bond on a spiritual level.  I have had the pleasure of bumping into a number of these during the MMM- but Kit, I met even before.

I had her introduce herself here:

My name is Kit Garcia. After I had my first child I needed something to help me recover a sense of self. I started taking painting classes as a hobby, and ended up finding a deep and passionate love. I was hooked, and have been painting seriously for the past 3 years.

I mainly paint oil and watercolor, but have recently dappled in acrylics. I love to paint still life. I love to paint those little things that I appreciate every day.

You can find me at

She is incredibly intuitive, creative and talented. She is funny and witty and a terrific mom. You should know her...or at VERY least, her art.

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