Monday, November 22, 2010

Pictures Soon....

MY camera ran out of batteries...a show tradition, along with computer crashes, iphone lack-of-service, and increment weather.
But none-the-less...the show was a success!  Thanks to the fantastic vendors, Mindy Mae's Market is growing and coming into it's own. Lots of great goodies were eaten and given away in our hourly giveaways!

Destination Homes has a plethora of reasons to buy one of their homes...their Farmington model has many of it's very own.  Everyone loved it and the wonderfully helpful agents that are in-house (literally) to help you find the home and the neighborhood that fits your needs the best. 

So, long story short...we'll be back in a couple of weeks.  So have some turkey, put up your Christmas decorations and then get ready for finishing up/starting your shopping with US in Pleasant View!

(Oh! We will have our spring schedule up soon, too!)

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  1. I have tons of pictures from the show! I still haven't gotten the info from Chels to be able to put them up though! I can email them to you if you want?!


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