Friday, October 8, 2010

The Amazing Artistry of Aequitas Clothing!!!

I totally stole this from off Josh's website:

Aequitas (ee-kwit-uhs) is a Latin word which embodies two meanings: justice, or the increase of justice. The word dates back to 268 AD during the rule of Claudius II of the Roman empire. Aequitas was also the name of the beautiful goddess who represented all fair trade and balance for her people. Her statues are seen in courtrooms today as a reminder of our right to justice. For this reason we have selected the name Aequitas because of what it represents—the privilege to be treated fairly despite race, religion, personal beliefs or cultural differences.

Our goal is to design unique clothing for unique people who may have different ideals, desires, or views in life. Differences that may have caused unjust treatment in the past or even today. We look forward to being part of what represents you and your personal style, and hope that you will enjoy our work and what it represents.

We love his work - his prices are incredible!ehem...Just. ;)

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