Thursday, October 7, 2010

I can forsee your future....

You will find yourself traveling down I-15, where you will take EXIT 335 
(the second Clearfield Exit from the South and the first Clearfield Exit from the North)

You will turn right onto State Street and go North to 1800 North 
(7-11 is right on the corner!)

 You will travel down 1800 North until you pass the Old Clinton Meetinghouse on the 
right and an LDS stake center on your left- turn LEFT onto 1500 West.

You will drive North on 1500 West until you come to a round-a-bout.  This will take you to the beautiful sunflowers outside, the yummy goodness on the inside and the AMAZING Halloween surprises!

This will be you with your holiday goodies- you goddess, you! ;)

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