Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hardly One to Miss! Hydration Body Care!

Linda Reed, owner of Hydration Body Care, passed me a package of goodies before she left after our last show. In the package were a plethora of amazing hand-made, top-of-the-line ingredient carrying items that my family and I have been devouring since then.

Let me explain a small bit. My five year-old son has rough patches of skin on the back of his arms and legs- sometimes on his back.  Linda recommended using her goat-milk soap and a lotion that she now has to tell me more about!  The two have significantly helped his skin and I am so excited to buy him some more!

I LOVE the smell of her body lotion and I ADORE that it doesn't absorb with a greasy after-math.  I love her oatmeal soap- and have yet to try the Shea Butter...taking my time to enjoy all her offerings!

I highly recommend stopping by and getting familiar with Linda Reed and her Hydration Body Care!

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