Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is the lovely location of our next show.
Nestled in the green-lined neighborhoods of Pleasant View is a beautiful development entitled 'Pleasant Fields' and indeed it lives up to it name.
My grandma lived on a ranch and just as the sun would start to come up over the mountains she would go out to water her garden. When I would wake up I would follow the hose through the crispness of the air and feel the coolness of the green grass under my bare feet. I loved the smell of the fresh morning air and sweet dampness that the plants and grass around me would give off in the shade of the morning. Those, my friends, are the memories conjured up by Pleasant View.
Not to mention the model home.
My children and I went to check out the house to get a feel for it and how to plan this next show. When the door opened and we walked into the entry way my daughter asked if we could move in. My children were captivated by the loft/family room above the garage and were amazed at the size of the Master bathroom and walk-in-closet. In fact, my four-year-old informed all of us that the closet could in fact, be his bedroom. (Though his room now is much bigger- apparently it was worth the sacrifice.) The kitchen's seems out of a cooking show and the space to be found in the basement allows for one's creative juices to begin to flow.
It is a beautiful home. (Click on the locations button to the left for more pictures)
Small town, beautiful home (I'm not just saying that- you'll see.),wonderful landscape, amazing neighborhoods and the feel of being on vacation at my grandma's.

Let's see if you can resist.
Meanwhile...I'll be calling my grandma.

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